Ride Guidelines  

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Ride Guidelines
Club Rules
Know your Vic



If you have any special requirements, questions, or concerns about a ride, you should talk with the Front Runner prior to departure. All efforts will be made to accommodate your requests, and ensure your comfort and safety.

  • Arrive to participate in a group ride with a full tank, making sure your vehicle is in good operating condition, the group will stop within 100 miles for a fuel stop.
  • Always ride in staggered formation, it gives us all an extra margin for safety and try to stay in the position you started that section of the ride in.
  • Try to maintain a constant speed, don't rubber band or overtake on the inside.
  • Try and keep the pack tight without crowding each other through intersections traffic lights and towns, so that the group doesn't become separated.
  • Do not leave the route, if you see no riders in your mirrors you should have stopped, as those behind you will not know where you have gone.
  • If someone needs to pull over having alerted another rider , the remainder of the group should then stop in a safe area. At that time, the group can decide to wait for the missing members or to send riders back to assist. A mobile phone is invaluable in this situation.
  • When a rider leaves the group without alerting another rider , it will be deemed that he has broken down or that there has been an accident, most of us have lost friends on bikes, and this will be the first thing we think about.