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Hello Victory Riders visiting here

This Site and the Forum will be closing in the near future as most of the users have gone across to FB and there is not enough traffic to keep things going, sorry just a sign of the times.


Victory Motorcycles   RIP 1998 - 2017

A sad end to a Great Engineered Motorcycle.

The 2017 Octane is here

Victory Ignition Concept
What will we see next ? nothing now

Pike Pikes 156 Roland Sands link

Here a picture of what may be the beginning of the new Water cooled Vic engine

2015   Line  Up

 New for 2015 the Magnum and Gunner, but being dropped are the Cross Roads, and Jackpot.
The Judge and Broadwalk are still on the International model range.

Magnum X-1 for 2015

So that is the Indian Scout for 2015

Victory Gunner 2015

USA only at present

2014   Line  Up

  No New Models this year just a few different paint jobs, but the Hard Ball has been dropped.

New forum link below

The 2013 Midnight Flame Cross Country

The Boardwalk is here 2013

The New Victory Motorcycle Logo for 2013

New model for 2013

The Judge for 2013

The Hard Ball   2012

Vic cafe racer

If there are any Victory riders in your area that you would like to ride with or contact, feel free to use the forum , or plan a rideout in your area and post it there.

Have a Victory Bike or parts for sale? you can always use the classifieds section now within the forum area.

Welcome to all bikers

The VOC is in no way affiliated with Victory Motorcycles Inc. or Polaris Britain Ltd.


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